December 12, 2018

The Correct Approach to Content Marketing

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If you want your business’s online marketing efforts to be successful, you’re going to need to create high-quality content. Having a one page website isn’t going to cut it, no matter how sleek it looks.

Potential clients want to know that your company is the one they should turn to. In order to help persuade them, you need to create content that educates, builds trust, and distinguishes your business from all the rest.

Content Marketing in 2019

These days, when customers look for businesses online, they do their research. They read your blog posts and want to find out if you’re genuinely qualified to do what you say you can. This is true for both service providers and product sellers.

The best way to prove this to your potential clients is by publishing articles and blog posts directly discussing their pain points and providing insightful solutions to them.

Let’s make this more concrete.

Pretend for a moment that you’re a contract lawyer. Imagine what would happen if your law firm wrote a blog post entitled, “Top 3 Clauses You Need to Include in Every Legal Agreement.”

Doing this would accomplish at least four things:

  • First and foremost, the attractive title would entice potential clients to click on and read the post.
  • Second, the post would educate potential clients about something they’re extremely interested in, which makes their visit to your site worthwhile.
  • Third, it subconsciously shows (instead of telling) potential clients that this firm knows what it’s talking about and can be trusted as an authority when it comes to contract law.
  • Fourth, it reveals that this firm is more of an authority than a competitor who lacks a blog or only posted low-level content on it several years ago.

When content creation is approached from this perspective, every post and article published to your website becomes an opportunity to build your brand, attract more clients, and subtly convince your target market that you’re the company they need to choose.

Aside from knowing what content to create, it’s extremely crucial to create and publish that content often.

Frequently publishing high-quality content demonstrates two things:

  • You’re active in your niche.
  • Your website is not stale.

Nothing sends red flags out to potential clients faster than a website that hasn’t been updated in a while.

baltimore md content marketingCreating High-Quality Content Enhances Your Baltimore SEO Efforts

If you’re a Baltimore business, creating high-quality content is mission critical for increasing your ROI and improving your Baltimore SEO.

The more content you publish, the more content Google can index and rank you for.

Think about it from this perspective: all of the content on your website represents online real estate you own. If you only have three pages on your site, you can really only optimize three pages.

However, if you have 30 posts or pages, you can optimize and rank 30 pieces of content. This radically enhances your chances of ranking well in Google not only for multiple keywords, but also multiple pieces of content.

In this sense, the more pages and posts you have, the more online territory you can occupy. The more you expand your online presence by writing high-quality content, the more Page 1 positions you can take up.

Be careful though: you won’t get away with creating 100 blog posts that simply regurgitate or cut and paste articles or news updates found elsewhere on the web. Duplicate content is never the way to go, and it’s a sure-fire way of getting slapped with a Google penalty.

Every page or post you publish must attempt to answer a question your potential customers are asking and provide tons of value.

If you make your content enticing and simultaneously helpful, potential customers will turn to you as the definitive source and authority for all of their niche-related questions.

Likewise, when it comes time to choose a business to help them, they’ll know exactly who to turn to.

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