Social Media

How to Get More Customers With Social Media Marketing

Most business owners understand the importance of social media. Unfortunately, they simply lack the time to be active on it. This puts most companies in a terrible catch-22: they either: 1) have dead social media accounts that haven’t been used in months (or even years), which tarnishes their reputation in the eyes of potential clients or 2) they don’t even have a social media presence, which makes them look antiquated and really not with it. A potential client looking to buy your products or use your services will spend tons of time digging into every crevice of online space you […]

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Why Social Media Matters for Small Businesses

Properly promoting your company online is one of the most difficult challenges small business owners face in the Digital Age. Regardless of the quality of your products or services, it’s not easy to get noticed. The problem becomes even more pronounced when your marketing budget is lower than what your competitors are spending. Don’t get discouraged! There are several things you can do to flourish in this fierce market. With social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ Instagram (among many others), it’s very easy to build your online reputation and get noticed. Still on the fence about implementing social […]

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