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Long-Form Content: Why Long Articles Always Rank Better

When Twitter doubled the number of characters allowed in a tweet in 2017, one would’ve expected an explosion of long tweets (at least long in the Twitter-verse). However, in 2018 only 1% of tweets actually hit the character limit, and only 12% reached past 140 characters. Daily, we pass through short, pithy tweets, clever and concise Facebook posts, and Instagram pictures punctuated by a handful of hashtags. Our drive-up, have-it-your-way, have-it-now society loves their brief communication.  Or do they?  Somewhere between the 140-character tweet and the 2,000-word article (which is growing in popularity) lies this dead zone called “500.” The […]

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Website Design Basics That Will Make Your Site SEO-Friendly

Your website represents your business. For companies that don’t have a storefront, your website becomes your storefront. Even for businesses that do, a website is your virtual storefront. The image that you portray on your website is crucial. A lot of customers and clients will go to your website before making their final purchasing decisions. Organizing your website in a way that makes sense and allows your users to find what they are looking for is key. Your success depends upon it. In this article, we’re going to take a look at how to SEO your website, and some website […]

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3 Reasons Why You Might Need to Redesign Your Website

Most people will be able to tell quite quickly if your company’s website is out of date. If it is, marketing data shows that your visitors will leave your site even faster than they arrived. Nowadays, your potential customers are buying from brands that have a polished online presence along with a modern-looking website that has fresh content. Whether you like it or not, your website is a direct reflection on your brand. An out of date website suggests that your company is out of touch with the needs of your target market. Similarly, an old-looking website raises flags about […]

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